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November 26, 2012


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so we must find 40 Pages for Vulgrim.

What must i have:
- Side Quest from Vulgrim
- Book of the Dead Page in the Scar must be collected BEFORE EARTH !!!"

1. Stonefather's Vale: In the Northeast corner of the area.
2. Baneswood: Behind the East ruinīs statue.
3. Cauldron Dungeon: Inside the nook that houses the second orb.
4. Cauldron Dungeon: Inside a create near the crank used to restore the Fire of Mountain.
5. Drenchfort Dungeon: When you first reach the main room of Drenchfort, head around to the back of the statue and look a break in the small wall where you can drop down. You should be able to land on a platform where the next page awaits.
6. Drenchfort Dungeon: After you flip the second switch to restore water to the main room, swim into the aqueduct and make a left when you can.
7. Shattered Forge: The Shattered Forge is a side dungeon located in the Shadow Gorge, just before entering the Fjord. Near the end you'll face off against a Corrupted Champion.
8. Lost Temple Dungeon: You'll eventually reach a puzzle involving bringing a custodeon up an elevator.
9. Lost Temple Dungeon: Near the end of the dungeon you'll come across a room where you have to use a shadow bomb to knock an orb loose from a statue's mouth.
10. Foundry Dungeon: After you get the Deathgrip, return to the previous room and grab the handhold.

11. Scar: After surviving the race up the lava pit of doom, that is it's official name by the way, you will use a contruct to shoot a chain across a chamber so that you can obtain a skeleton key.  
12. Weeping Crag: Towards the end of the Weeping Crag dungeon, after going through the skeleton key door, you'll find a stair well that is submerged with water.
13. Nook: On the second floor of the Nook there is an area that you can only reach with the Death Grip on the southwestern wall. Destroy the corruption crystals and scale the wall to locate the 13th page.
14. Guilded Arena: When you approach the Gilded Arena you will run into Ostegoth again. Behind him on the left side is the 14th page.
15. Guilded Arena: On the second floor you will encounter another lantern puzzle. Rotate the lantern to face the western gate, opening it, and allowing you to get the 15th page.
16. Phariseer's Tomb: Before using the main elevator to descend further into the temple, the elevator with four levers, go through the door beyond the elevator. In the back of the room you will find the 16th page.
17. Phariseer's Tomb: On the first floor, bottom of the 4 level elevator shaft, there are 3 doors. Choose the middle one and upon entering go to the left. You can climb the wall to a hidden nook to find the 17th page.
18. Spine: On the stone bridges eastern most point you will find the 18th page.
19. Judicator's Tomb: In the Eastern wing of the tomb, while attempting to find the Second Soul, you will encounter a long pit. After traversing the pit you will enter a hallway with a large pile of bones on your right.
20. Judicator's Tomb: In the large Eastern tower you will need to scale your way up. On the central platform you will find the next book page. You will need to use Deathgrip to obtain it.

21. Judicator's Tomb: While attempting to claim the thrid soul in the Northern part of the tomb you will encounter a large stair case.
22. Forge Lands: In the Fjord area of the Forge Lands you'll find ruins in the East (known as East Keep to some special people, you now among them).
23. City of the Dead: In the second large room that you enter the page will be in the south east corner.
24. City of the Dead: In the rotating chamber, at the crank located to the south, the page will be just to the side of the crank.
25. City of the Dead: In the first room on the eastern side of the dungeon there will be another lantern puzzle.
26. City of the Dead: On the fourth floor you'll be in some sort of catacombs or burial area.  Located in the crate on the northern wall is the page.
27. Lostlight: Upon reaching the bridge that leads to the Crystral Spire you will notice ruins to the south of you, or right of you if you want to be technical.
28. Earth: After freeing the first Hellguard and defeating a big bad scaly monster called "The Suffering" (on the Northern part of your map) you will come across an area with red Corruption crystals.  
29. Earth: As you ascend a stair well that leads back to Uriel and the main central yard turn around. There you will find the next page high up on a pipe.  Use Deathgrip to grab this hidden page.
30. Earth: After talking to Uriel for the second time you enter a tunnel to the south.  The book of the dead page is on the eastern end of that tunnel when you enter it.

31. Earth: After getting the map and in the area before the Noss boss battle, around the 5th trapped Hellguard, you'll see a building you can enter.
32. Earth: After claiming the Eye of Arafel you'll speak to Uriel for the third time.
33. Ivory Citadel: In the west tower, before dropping through the crack in the floor, search the south wall.
34. Ivory Citadel: In the Northern Courtyard, after an ambush, you will see a Holy Fire Node and a warp portal.
35. Fjord: Located in the souther ruin, which you gain access to by swimming, you can find Vulgrim.  
36. Shadows Edge: Upon entering this realm go North from the Tree of Death.
37. The Black Stone: On the eastern side, far end, of Lilith's chamber.
38. The Black Stone: After claiming the map in the past climb to the top of the circular pit.  The page will be right outside the top of the pit, before you leave the room.
39. The Black Stone: On the map in the present you will see in the bottom left corner of the first floor a room that looks like an E, this is where you got the skeleton key. Attached to this room are three small squares that lead to a larger square right above the E. Use the portals to get to the large room and search near some black corruption.  This is where the page is located.
40. The Black Stone: The final page is located in the present.

I hope itīs help you ^_^
Sylvano-DRAGON Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
God you're awesome :) thanks :hug:
adarkworldfantasy Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah, thank you! I have pages printed off as to where the object are, but loose track of where they can be :XD: Thanks for this!
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